Current Kitchen Trends & Influences

Our cabinet manufacturer, Egger, has issued a mini-book in which they look at some key trends influencing the way we live and work.

Grey Tones Sleek-and-chic-grey-kitchen

Home will always be our place of retreat from a hectic world and grey is playing a key role.

Layering shades of grey through fabrics, wall coverings and furniture adds warmth and  depth.

Grey also helps to soothe, creating a calming environment. It also provides the backdrop for  both warm and cool colours, becoming the perfect neutral.


Redefining space

open plan living

Most people wish their home was a little bigger, but moving is not always an option. By thinking a little differently about how we define space, people are making the active choice to be more creative with how they lay out their home.

Creating clear zones that complement the adjacent space is becoming increasingly popular, allowing for comfortable living in open-plan spaces.

Tactility is an important feature in current trends. Textures enable consumers to appreciate authenticity and are best expressed with mix and match – contrast and complement – in order to achieve a striking look and feel. With this in mind, Egger have produced timber effect board, carefully selected in popular solid colours and muted tones.

Personalised accents

poshcosyAlthough the housing market is showing some signs of recovery, there is still a strong tendancy for people to want to live in their homes for longer. This means there is more of a desire for us to indulge in our tastes, rather than decorate with resale in mind.

Colour accents are being introduced into rooms in small bursts, to add personality, act as a mood enhancer and create individuality in the home.